Myrmidon Staking is proud to support Mikael Bondum for the Governance Committee

Today, the election for the Concordium Governance Committee starts and Myrmidon Staking is proud to support Mikael Bondum in his task of becoming a member of the committee.

Three bodies share the governance of Concordium: the Concordium Foundation, the Governance Committee and the CCD (token of the network) holders. At its launch, the Foundation was the sole governing entity, but with an ongoing vision of becoming more decentralized, a mix of direct and representative democracy are being introduced to the chain, slowly becoming visible to the CCD holders via the Governance Committee. At its core, the Foundations task is to ensure that the Concordium protocol continues to develop and remain relevant to its users within the principles of the Foundation’s purpose.

The Governance Committee is an advisory committee to the Concordium Foundation Board. Its task is to take decisions on certain areas of governance of the blockchain. In particular, it is consulted on technical changes and it is expected to drive tokenomics changes and governance decentralization. The Governance Committee was set up with 5 members chosen by the foundation. Now it is time to add new members, voted for by token holders through an election and you can make a difference in shaping the future of the Concordium Blockchain.

Myrmidon supports Mikael Bondum for the Concordium Governance Committee

Mikael has an extensive resumé in the field of blockchain, previously being product owner of staking at Bitcoin Suisse AG and lately working as a consultant for the Concordium Foundation in its latest revision of its tokenomics. Having worked with Concordium prior to the election, Mikael already has a deep understanding of the foundation and its visions, experience and knowhow of its core values, making him a valuable asset from day one.

If you value decentralization combined with a strong tokenomic foundation and focus on real world use cases, we strongly encourage you to vote for Mikael Bondum in the Governance Committee election.

Cast your vote for Mikael Bondum


1. Go to the website:

2. Click “Connect” in the upper right corner and select “Concordium Mobile Wallet” (Or Desktop wallet if you have)

3. Open your Concordium mobile wallet and click on the “scan icon” in the upper left corner right next to the settings icon and scan the QR code

4. Select Mikael Bondum and “submit” and confirm the transaction.

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