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Total ETH staked with Myrmidon: 1184 ETH

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ETH to stake

ETH to stake:


Annual rewards (3-5% APR):

0.000000 ~ 0.000000 ETH

Monthly rewards (3-5% APR):

0.000000 ~ 0.000000 ETH

Daily rewards (3-5% APR):

0.000000 ~ 0.000000 ETH

General Validator Details

Good to know information

Top 30%
Payout frequency
~8 days
Protocol rewards fee
Validator mnemonic
5 days

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Ethereum Staking Instructions

  • Push the button Stake ETH (on front) or go to ETH dashboard and now click Stake ETH

  • Connect your wallet in the top right corner

  • Input the amount of validators you want (32 ETH per validator)

  • Click Create validator(s)

  • Wait for validator(s) to be loaded

  • Fund the validator(s) by clicking Fund validator

  • Wait for transfer confirmation
You are now staking your ETH with Myrmidon and will receive ETH staking rewards every 8 to 9 days.

General Questions

Find information about Ethereum (ETH)

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source layer 1 blockchain network. The Ethereum platform allows developers to create and deploy applications, like smart contracts, on its network. Smart contracts are essentially self-executing contracts that automate agreements between two or more parties. Ether (ETH) is the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network. It is used to pay for transaction fees and services on the Ethereum network and to stake to help secure the network and pay yield to holders.

How does ETH staking work?

ETH staking is the act of sending 32ETH to the beacon chain smart contract in order to run a validator. When sending 32ETH to the smart contract, it is important to include a bunch of data in the transaction, so you can exit your validator. Myrmidon Staking makes sure to include all relevant data when funding your validator, so you can always exit your staking position.

What is the APR on ETH staking?

The APR on ETH is around 3.5%. This number fluctuates depending on how many validators are live on the network. As a customer with Myrmidon Staking, you receive 100% of the protocol rewards and synch participations your validator receives.

How often do I get rewards?

Every 8 to 9 days, you receive your protocol rewards in your wallet you used to deposit the 32ETH.

How does Myrmidon Staking differentiate on ETH staking?

As the only non-custodial staking service, we provide our customers with the mnemonic seed phrase to each validator they run with us. This means, that in case Myrmidon Staking goes offline, you as a customer can always get access to your validator(s) by using the mnemonic seed phrase to access your validator credentials. In this way, you are guaranteed a way to access to your ETH if anything should happen to Myrmidon Staking.

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