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Who owns the private key to my wallet?

You! Myrmidon Staking is a Non-Custodial staking service, which means we never hold or store your private keys to your wallet.

What is a bonding period?

Bonding period refers to the period your funds are locked after exiting staking. Every blockchain network has its own different bonding period, and Myrmidon Staking do not have any control over this period.

What happens if Myrmidon Staking goes bankrupt?

Nothing happens to you as a customer using Myrmidon Staking’s software. As a Non-custodial staking service, we do not hold or store any of your funds, which means you keep full control and accessibility over your wallet. You can find and download your mnemonic seed phrase under your dashboard to restore your validator credentials.

What is slashing?

Slashing is the event of a validator getting penalized for being offline or for some other reason behave misappropriate to consensus. In the event of being subject to slashing, the validator is at risk of being penalized and losing rewards, depending on how long the validator is being kept offline. In that case, Myrmidon Staking will do its best to compensate our customers accordingly.

What is APR?

APR stands for “Annual percentage rate”, which is the annual rate you get on your staked investment.

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