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Peer reviewed delegated proof-of-stake network

Pool ID: pool1zyjvzvvkppsepsv4d75t2lmxt5p3cpn73pw7jk9gstxh78aa9ah
Pool ID: 1124c13196086190c1956fa8b57f665d031c067e885de958a882cd7f
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ADA to stake

ADA to stake:


Annual rewards (3-6% APR):

0.000000 ~ 0.000000 ADA

Monthly rewards (3-6% APR):

0.000000 ~ 0.000000 ADA

Rewards per epoch (3-6% APR):

0.000000 ~ 0.000000 ADA

Stake Pool Details

Good to know information

Payout frequency
~5 days
Fixed cost ADA
Unbonding & Slashing

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How to stake Cardano (ADA)

  • Open your favorite wallet

  • Navigate to staking

  • Search MYR

  • Confirm your delegation

  • Wait for confirmation
You are now staking your ADA with Myrmidon and will receive ADA staking rewards every epoch.

General Questions

Find information about Cardano (ADA)

What is Cardano (ADA)?

Cardano is a 3rd generation blockchain with focus on scalability, security and sustainability. Cardano is being develeoped with an academic approach. Cardano unlike most other smart contract platforms runs on the EUTXO model which extends the UTXO model to include smart-contract capabilities.

Is Cardano (ADA) liquid staking?

The short answer is yes. Cardano (ADA) staking works a bit unique compared to other proof-of-stake networks in the sence that your native ADA can be staked and used at the same time. So when you stake to Myrmidon Staking (Ticker: MYR) you can still use your ADA for anything you might like while receiving rewards that automatically gets compounded.

Is there any slashing or unbonding?

No. Cardano (ADA) does not have any slashing or unbonding period.

How often do I get rewards?

You get rewards every epoch if at least one block is minted. An epoch is approximately 5 days.

Can I still participate in Project Catalyst voting?

Yes. Staking your ADA does not affect your ability to vote in Project Catalyst.

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