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Decentralized blockchain with POSN consensus

Validator ID: 003787378473179e7544bcf447024c267a1d38d416

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MPC to stake:


Annual rewards (20-40% APR):

0.000000 ~ 0.000000 MPC

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0.000000 ~ 0.000000 MPC

Daily rewards (20-40% APR):

0.000000 ~ 0.000000 MPC

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Payout frequency
~1 days
Block reward
10 MPC
28 days

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How to stake Partisia Blockahin (MPC)

  • Get MPC and Gas (You need gas in the form of either ETH or Polygon USDC)

  • Connect your Partisia wallet using the sign in button on the upper right corner

  • Go to delegated to others

  • Press delegate button

  • Insert Myrmidon node address 003787378473179e7544bcf447024c267a1d38d416 in the receiver’s address field

  • Now add the amount you wish to stake in the field

  • Confirm the transfer in your Partisia Wallet

  • New stakes will appear in the pending acceptance section

  • Once accepted, the token will appear in the accepted section

  • Usually, It takes a few hours to be accepted
You are now staking your MPC with Myrmidon and will receive MPC staking rewards daily.

General Questions

Find information about Partisia (MPC)

What is Partisia (MPC)?

Partisia is a decentralized, high-performance, and scalable blockchain platform designed for building scalable and censorship-resistant applications. It utilizes a novel consensus mechanism called Proof of Stake Notary (POSN), which combines elements of both proof-of-stake and byzantine fault tolerance (BFT) consensus algorithms.

Is there any slashing on Partisia?

Yes, Partisia has a slashing mechanism in place to penalize notaries who behave maliciously or fail to fulfill their duties. In Partisia, slashing occurs when a notary is found to have engaged in malicious behavior, such as double-signature attacks, vote manipulation, or trying to disrupt the network. When a notary is slashed, a portion of their staked MPC tokens is permanently removed from their notary account.

How often do I get rewards?

The daily reward period in Partisia is set to 24 hours. During this period, notaries who have staked a certain amount of PART tokens can validate blocks and earn rewards. The rewards are calculated based on the notary's staking amount, the number of blocks they have validated, and the current network conditions. The rewards are distributed to notaries in the form of newly minted PART tokens. The rewards are proportional to the staking amount, with higher staking amounts resulting in higher rewards. Additionally, notaries who validate more blocks during the daily reward period will receive a higher share of the rewards.

Is there an unbonding period?

The unbonding period in Partisia is set to 28 days, during which your staked tokens are locked and cannot be withdrawn. After the unbonding period ends, your staked tokens will be released back to your wallet, and you can use them as you see fit.

What is Myrmidon Staking partisia validator ID?

Our validator ID is: 003787378473179e7544bcf447024c267a1d38d416

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